how you can help 

Good Ground Great Beyond was founded in the belief ground used for cremation deserves to be a truly sacred space. To that end, we have acquired 63 acres in Dresden Maine. The land is in need of a lot of love and vision and steady, thoughtful care. The parcel had been strategically logged and we will need help in cleaning up the brush and gathering viable wood for future use.


  • Assist with fundraising efforts.

  • Offer legal and legislative assistance.

  • Simple path making, stewardship and beautifying of the land.

  • Help with road work, cleaning up brush and collecting and cutting wood.

  • In time, being on the volunteer list to assist with cremations.

  • Also in time, possible volunteer assistance building two small cabins to be used for contemplative retreat.

  • Offer any fabulous creative gifts, magical skills and fresh ideas you think could assist GGGB in our mission and vision.

  • Complete our brief survey on disposition options in Maine, thanks!