our board

The Good Ground Great Beyond Board of Directors is comprised of diverse individuals from around Maine, all passionate about the conversations surrounding living and dying and how they impact our culture, communities and environment. If you are like minded and interested in joing our endeavor, feel free to send us an email and introduce yourself.


Amanda Devine

“My educational background is in biology and botany (BS Bates, MS UVM - highly uninteresting!). After 5 years as a naturalist and guide in interior Alaska, I returned to Maine and began working in the conservation world. I am drawn to GGGB because I am a biologist at heart, and fascinated by all aspects of life - including its conclusion. A conservationist by profession, I am also passionate about wise land use. And, while perhaps not the most spiritual person, I do believe that our bodies are merely on loan to us. When we are done with them, the bits and pieces that comprised us have a right to go on and become other things. Green burial and open-air cremation are both more compassionate and sustainable ways to return our substance to the soup from which other life may arise, and offer more mindful, present ways to say goodbye to our loved ones.”


Chuck Lakin

Chuck is a woodworker and home funeral educator. His experience when his father died has led him to offer people the information they need to have the personal experience he wanted with his father. He started the death care advocacy and education collective Last Things. He is also on the board of the Funeral Consumer's Alliance of Maine and is currently collaboratively creating a user friendly manual on how to develop a green cemetery in Maine. He talks to over 1,000 people over the course of a year through all his education efforts about home funeral and green disposition options. Chuck lives and makes coffins in Waterville.


Deb Valenti

Deb is an all around curious person with diverse career and life experiences that often overlap, manifesting a healthy balance to operate in the world. As a freelance graphic designer and video producer she often critiques the world with a creative spin, always looking for a fresh new perspective. Deb’s creative spirit has afforded her the opportunity to help many small businesses and non-profit organizations grow throughout New England. She loves animals and sunshine and music, and enjoys living the “simple life” on her horse farm in Freeport, Maine.

Deb’s penchant for inquiry often leads her to search beyond that which is typically unchallenged. Disappointed by the sterile approach to death and the current burial systems, Deb is moved by the mission of GGGB and hopes that it will inspire those that find themselves in the midsts of these end-of-life conversations to go beyond conventional thinking.