"Nothing is absolute.
Everything changes,
everything moves,
everything revolves,
everything flies and goes away."

-Frida Kahlo


good ground great beyond

We are dedicated to helping people face and engage the reality of death in practical, grounded, and accessible ways, bringing awareness and preparedness for death into focus not just for elders and those grappling with the very end of life, but for people at all stages of life. The reality of our being mortal deserves our attention and life-long contemplation.


"If you become aware that death is right over your left shoulder and if you turn quickly enough you can see him there, that makes you alive and alert to decisions."

- Brother David Steindl-Rast

Photo by Corey Kohn

Good Ground Great Beyond is 63 acres in Midcoast Maine designated as space in nature to contemplate and remember. Our aim is to establish a contemplative sanctuary and scattering garden and to build a legal open-air cremation pyre to engage the transformation of our deceased more ceremonially and presently. The land is a sanctuary in which to feel, pray and practice. 

This website offers information and resources related to the contemplative as well as the practical aspects of death and dying. It offers opportunity to connect and volunteer, to support and become more aware of different disposition options and to support the continued empowerment of communities, families and friends in understanding the profundity of bringing our whole self and heart into relating with our own and others’ deaths.