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Your donation helps Good Ground Great Beyond maintain a 63 acre, natural sacred space where families and communities can meaningfully feel and engage their final farewells, where they can return, contemplate and remember. In many traditions cremation sites are contemplative practice spaces where one deeply takes to heart the teachings and impact of loss as well as the expansive reality of change and mortality. Good Ground Great Beyond intends to create and care for land that reflects these traditions. Our goal with the land is to create walking paths, a scattering garden and space to create memorials. The cremation pyre will be thoughtfully constructed and located in a high and discreet area of the land. It will be a place to sit, meditate, pray, and reflect. 

We ask for your support in helping clean up and restore the land.

All donations will go towards initial roadwork, clean up/restoration cost, as well as ongoing stewardship of the Dresden land. The land was strategically logged and needs some love, a lot of restorative work and attention. Eventually donations will also go to costs for building the pyre, stone work around the site as well as the construction of retreat cabins. 

Current estimates for roadwork and cleanup from prior logging were quoted for an initial 2 phase process:

  • The 1st phase, which includes work on the parking lot and entrance area, road making and drainage will be around $21,000

  • The 2nd phase, which will include making a road extension up to the pyre site and further clean up and mulching is quoted around $20,000

  • A 3rd phase will involve cremation site work, building costs for the pyre and eventually retreat cabins, construction of composting outhouse facilities, and path work throughout the land. We do not have a current estimate for this but it will be another significant cost as the process evolves.

We also seek to amass a robust volunteer team to help care for the land and, in time, help conduct open air cremations. Please email us if you would like to help with cremations in the future.

thank you for supporting this vision. 

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